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  • Read NFPA’s newest e-book

    Learn how resilient homes built with Firewise principles can be beautiful, affordable, environmentally friendly and life-saving.

  • Action steps for homeowners

    Wildfires don’t have to burn everything in their path. Learn 7 tips that can help keep homes from igniting in a wildfire.

  • How-To blog series makes sharing Firewise principles easy

    Firewise is moving the valued content of How-To from a quarterly newsletter to recurring posts that you’ll see two to three times a month on NFPA’s wildfire blog FireBreak.

  • Read the June issue of Fire Break

    Learn about the wildly successful grant-funded Home Ignition Zone seminars, highlights of just how bad the wildfire problem could be in New Jersey, the five new interactive virtual workshops this year, and more.

Saving lives and property from wildfire

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