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Associations and Organizations

Programs such as the International Association of Fire Chiefs’ (IAFC) Ready, Set, Go! program incorporate the Firewise message.  Ready, Set, Go! is a public education program that teaches personal responsibility to residents living in the wildland-urban interface.  The program emphasizes preparation, prevention, and evacuation; specifically, the Ready component helps residents understand how to take preventive actions to mitigate the effects of ember intrusion in the home ignition zone using Firewise and similar principles. 

Initiatives similar to Firewise, including the Fire Safe Councils, also provide the public with wildland fire safety and mitigation information.  For more information, please visit your state’s website.

Other organizations that promote communication and leadership on wildland fire include the International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF), a non-profit, professional association representing members of the global wildland fire community.