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Highland Pines

Highland PinesHighland Pines is a rural community located near Prescott, Arizona and completely surrounded by the Prescott National Forest. It consists of nearly 800 acres with over 500 properties and some 400 homes. The Highland Pine Property Owners Association (HPPOA) is a strictly voluntary organization that recently reached a membership total of 300. We feel that the efforts to be "Firewise" helped achieve this new high.

The Homeowners Board has been actively working on fuel reduction since 2001. That year, the Prescott Area Wildland/ Urban Interface Commission sponsored fuel reduction crews from the Prescott Fire Department. These crews cleared over 100 properties in Highland Pines alone. Since then, various methods have been used. The most successful seems to be bringing in a 40 yard roll-off dumpster and a chipper and placing it in a central location. Residents bring their brush to the chipper or volunteers with trucks and trailers haul it for them. This happens a minimum of four times each year. We are fortunate to sometimes get assistance from the Central Yavapai Fire Department and had a chipper and volunteer crew from Arizona Public Service on one occasion.

Highland PinesIn 2005, a Firewise Committee was formed. Recognition as a Firewise Community was applied for and received. The HPPOA also applied for a Fire Assistance Grant from the Arizona State Land Department to help finance fuel reduction efforts. That grant was received and the 2006 application has number one ranking to receive funding for next year.

Volunteers and dedicated homeowners make the difference!