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Timber Ridge

Timber RidgeTimber Ridge is a neighborhood at the southwestern border of Prescott, Arizona adjacent to the Prescott National Forest. Construction on the available 443 lots began there in the early 1980s and continues today, with about 370 homes completed. Homes are close enough together in Timber Ridge to affect each other should a wildfire occur.

Interest in the issue of wildfire is high in Prescott. Homeowners who clear fuels from their lots there can place it on the curb and call the fire department. A crew is sent out to chip it and haul it away.

Timber Ridge 2In July of 2001, the Timber Ridge Homeowners Association appointed a Firewise Committee and provided it with $300 for expenses. In August, the Committee sent 375 letters to members of the homeowners association and invited them to sign up for lot inspections to be conducted by Prescott Fire Department staff. By the end of December the following things had been accomplished:

  • 54 homes had signed up for home inspections
  • A pine-needle cleanup was held. The fire department supplied two large dumpsters
  • The Timber Ridge Homeowners Association voted to assess its common areas and to act on the findings
  • Two lots were designated and volunteered as 'before' and 'after' lots to illustrate good Firewise practices

In May of 2002, over 150 homeowners had signed up for a home inspection. A general Firewise meeting was held with excellent attendance. Participants heard from an insurance agent, the local fire department, and the county sheriff's office. The fire department placed "Approved Firewise Lot" signs on lots that had undergone thinning for wildfire mitigation.

Timber RidgeThen Timber Ridge had its scare. The Indian Fire burned right up to the city's perimeter. Although Timber Ridge lost no homes, residents were evacuated for nearly two days. Signups for home inspections rose to 180.

By June, 250 lots were scheduled for inspection and cleanup. The Prescott Fire Department had a fuels management crew active in the subdivision until the end of July. On July 27, the Firewise Committee sponsored a resoundingly successful "Thank You" picnic for the crew. Over 170 people attended, including 18 crew members and their families. Enough food was donated to feed an additional 100. The Committee sponsored a money tree for the residents to show their appreciation for the crew. It also raffled two wooden carvings, which earned $300 for the Prescott Area Wildland/Urban Interface Commission.

Timber Ridge has enjoyed strong support from the Prescott Area Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Commission.