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JoplinThe community of Joplin is located on Highway 270, approximately 22 miles west of Hot Springs. Although the original community was located along the dirt road that was the wagon trail to Hot Springs and Little Rock, it now encompasses several resort developments on the shore of Lake Ouachita. Lake Ouachita is Arkansas' largest lake with over 1,000 miles of shoreline, 200 islands, and 49,000 surface acres of water at full pool.

JoplinThe Joplin area, because of the serene environment of the Ouachita National Forest and the beauty of Lake Ouachita, is evolving into a popular/retirement resort area. People come from every walk of life and situation from towns both inside and outside of Arkansas to relax, rejuvenate and play.

The structures involved in our village range from cozy one and two-room cabins to multiple bedroom luxury homes and condominiums. Several manufactured home neighborhoods are also in the Joplin area. Firewise assessments were conducted for all 370 residences within Joplin in order to provide a better perspective to the community regarding its wildland/urban interface exposure.

JoplinThe Joplin Volunteer Fire Department responds to structure and wildland fires, as well as medical emergencies. They also handle all fire and medical response for Lake Ouachita, its visitors, marinas, resorts and campgrounds. The fire department has been in existence for nearly 26 years and has approximately 28 active volunteers---19 of whom are first responders.