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Alta Sierra, California

When it comes to minimizing wildfire risk, it’s better to be proactive than reactive. That’s why members of the Property Owners Association of Alta Sierra, California (ASPOA) are taking their first steps towards becoming a recognized Firewise Community.

Alta Sierra, CaliforniaNevada County, where Alta Sierra is located, has been designated as a severe fire risk in a state that is especially prone to wildfires. In an effort to protect the fledgling Firewise community and its residents, the ASPOA has launched a campaign to educate and enlist volunteers for its mitigation endeavors. 

TheUnion.com reports that the city held two separate training sessions for Firewise volunteers during the month of October. One was a general session on collaboration and prevention, and the other was a two-day class on creating defensible space. The ASPOA also convened on Nov. 7 to discuss how to allocate funds for wildfire prevention programs. All assemblies were attended by residents committed to the Firewise cause, and the ASPOA hopes to gain more volunteers moving forward. Best of luck in your search, Alta Sierra!