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Whiting Woods

Whiting WoodsWhiting Woods is a neighborhood of 170 homes in Glendale, California. The backyards of many of the lots lie adjacent to the base of the Verdugo Mountains, against nearly vertical hillsides covered with mixed chaparral vegetation. The wooded areas of the hills within and around the neighborhood support coast live oak, western sycamore and Mexican elderberry. Glendale has some progressive wildfire mitigation measures in place. The City requires 100 feet of brush clearance around structures, and citizens generally comply.

In mid-2001, the Whiting Woods Homeowners' Association posted an announcement of its participation with Firewise Communities/USA on its website at http://www.whitingwoods.org/firewise_program.htm. Later in the year, the Association's board met with City of Glendale officials and a State Farm insurance agency to further discuss Firewise participation. After this meeting, Whiting Woods voted to participate in the Firewise Communities/USA program.

Whiting WoodsA Firewise booth was included as a part of Glendale's annual Fire Service Day in May of 2002. In mid-2002, the California Firesafe Council awarded Whiting Woods a grant for a community development plan, hazard reduction and public education.

Whiting Woods has enjoyed strong support from the City of Glendale Fire Department.