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Concow/Yankee Hill, California

Located in Northern California just 5 miles east of Paradise and 15 miles from Oroville in Butte County, Concow/Yankee Hill community is home to over 3,000 residents. Yankee Hill Fire Safe Council serves the communities of Yankee Hill, Concow, Pulga, Jarbo, Gap and Cherokee. Concow/Yankee Hill became a Firewise community in 2009, and has since been committed to keeping its residents Firewise-safe by providing timely information and hands-on opportunities in an effort to reduce the risk of a wildfire threat in their area.

Yankee Hill, CA success storyEven before their inception into the Firewise Communities Program, the Council had championed its “Dooryard Educational Visits,” in which qualified Council members visit communities in teams and provide residents with a home and property evaluation to help them create defensible zones, review home construction and bring awareness to wildfire preparedness practices.

The Council became a Firewise community with the goals of assisting homeowners in the creation of defensible space, reducing the impact of large, damaging wildland fires and reducing the impact of destructive structure fires.  The Yankee Hill Fire Safe Council organized three successful Firewise Day events during the months of April and May of 2012 to support these goals.

Yankee Hill, CA success storyThe series of events began with a Firewise landscaping workshop on April 24, in Concow Lake, CA to educate residents of the Yankee Hill/Concow area how to deal with invasive plants. The workshop included a presentation by Glen Nader from the UC Cooperative Extension who discussed ways of managing and eradicating these plants familiar to all who live in the area. Participants also had the opportunity to put what they learned to practice, visiting three stations where they were taught how to properly use a sprayer, lopper and weed wrench.

On May 5th, the Yankee Hill Fire Safe Council attended the traditional Spring Fling Day at the Spring Valley School. They had the opportunity to connect with more than 250 residents, share fire prevention information and answer questions about the Council’s latest projects and issues residents may be facing around their homes.

The 14th Annual Stakeholder’s meeting took place on May 23, at the Yankee Hill Grange Hall during which Nader talked about Firewise building and construction.  Nader’s presentation included a live fire demonstration on the ignitability of various building materials, under the supervision of CAL FIRE.  Over 50 residents attended the event and walked away with a wealth of knowledge and access to professionals who could address their concerns about becoming fire safe.

The Yankee Hill Fire Safe Council brings the most recent knowledge and hands-on opportunities to the communities it serves, year after year. That kind of tireless commitment to wildfire prevention is what makes the Concow/Yankee Hill Firewise Community a success story!