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Genesee, COGenesee is part of unincorporated Jefferson County, Colorado, near Golden. The development has its own fire department and a water/sewer district. It also has association fees and its own open space.

The Genesee Foundation has an active Stewardship Committee consisting of representatives of the residents, Genesee Foundation Board, Genesee Fire Department, Genesee Forestry Committee and Foundation staff. This committee creates short-, mid- and long-range land stewardship plans, including wildfire mitigation.

Genesee, COOne of the fire management zones contains a shaded fuel break along Genesee’s primary evacuation route. The project was undertaken with the assistance of a 50% contribution from a Wildland/Urban Interface (WUI) federal grant. A 50% cost-share WUI grant also helped to create a shaded fuel break with posted information along a popular hiking trail in Genesee.

Every Fourth of July, the Genesee Foundation hosts a community celebration. Included in this celebration is a Firewise display. In addition, the Genesee Fire Department hosted a community meeting and discussed defensible space, evacuation procedures and the recently-completed wildfire hazard assessment.