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WoodmoorWoodmoor, a covenant-controlled community, is in northern El Paso County, Colorado located between the cities of Colorado Springs and Denver. Currently Woodmoor is home to 2,900 single family homes, 290 multifamily homes and an 18-hole golf course covering an area of approximately 2,700 acres.

In 2006, Woodmoor completed a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) whose primary objective was to develop a 10-year plan for improving forest health, reducing vegetative fuel hazards and improving community safety. According to the CWPP, approximately 60% of the single-family lots are in the "Severe" and "High" hazard class. These areas have a pine crown cover of 80-100% and the "Severe Hazard" areas have additional understory of Gambel oak and pine saplings that serve as hazardous ladder fuels.


In addition to the native hazardous fuels types, Woodmoor is challenged by historical residential home design. Initially developed in the 60's and 70's, the developer's vision was to have wooden homes with wooden roofs and wooden decks nestled tightly into the pine forest. Over time, the look and feel of Woodmoor has slowly changed to become more Firewise. Wood sided homes are being replaced with stucco, wood shake roofs are being replaced with an assortment of fire resistant roofing and forests around residents' homes are being thinned to produce a healthier forest more appealing to wildlife.

Over the last several years, Woodmoor has found a benefit from hosting chipping days for residents. This provides them an easy means to dispose of slash and dead vegetative fuels and even provides a safe means of disposing of mountain pine beetle-infested trees.

WoodmoorTrained volunteers are currently conducting Firewise home and lot evaluations focused on the twelve most severe neighborhoods in Woodmoor. After receiving their evaluations, residents are offered a 50% cost matching grant sponsored by Colorado State Forest Service to perform fuels reduction work on their property.

Woodmoor's Firewise status has been a very positive influence providing residents with the momentum, resources and encouragement to become a safer and more Firewise community in which to live.

Learn more at their community website.