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SummerCampSummerCamp lies in northwestern Florida, along U.S. 98 in Franklin County. It is located on St. James Island, between St. Teresa and Lanark Village. Historically, this area was part of Camp Gordon Johnston during World War II and was managed for timber production thereafter by the St. Joe Timber Company. SummerCamp is approximately 762 acres in size, including nearly four miles of shoreline on the Gulf of Mexico. It will contain 499 homes when completed. More than 325 acres are dedicated to conservation.

SummerCampFollowing a site inspection and wildfire hazard assessment by the Florida Division of Forestry, a Firewise board was initiated on August 30, 2006. The area's fuel types and density identify it as being extremely susceptible to wildland fire. Much of development contains thick duff layers with palmetto mix. SummerCamp's fauna is primarily upland pine flatwoods, wet coastal flatwoods and mixed forested wetlands. A major portion of the planted pine overstory was thinned to an average of 40-50 basal area across the site using a Gyrotrac. Some wetland areas were thinned by manual hand clearing crews using machetes, chainsaws and axes. The majority of the midstory vegetation consisted of titi, gallberry, wax myrtle and fetterbush. A total of 74 acres were prescribed burned and will continue to be burned on a 3-5 year rotation.

SummerCampAs SummerCamp continues its development and construction phase, Firewise criteria for design, construction and landscaping will be integrated into the site plans. Wildland fuels will be aggressively thinned while maintaining their natural beauty throughout the development. In addition, homeowners will enjoy multiple access roads, underground utilities, pressurized fire hydrants every 1,000 feet, home sites designed with a protective buffer zone of defensible space and fire-resistant construction materials. SummerCamp will hold a FireWise Day annually each spring following the occupancy of the community by the first residents.

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