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Randall Creek

Randall CreekRandall Creek Farms is a gated community located in the Midland area of Muscogee County (Columbus) Georgia. Encompassing 600 gently undulating acres, Randall Creek Farms has a total of 14 farms and home sites with 28 permanent residents…additionally there are many horses and other family pets.

 In 2003, homeowners met with representatives of the Georgia Forestry Commission and after a lengthy discussion asked that a wildfire hazard risk assessment be conducted.

Randall CreekThe wildland/urban interface fire hazard assessment noted moderate to high fuel accumulations existed at Randall Creek Farms and most residents agreed that hazard mitigation was needed. Plans were completed for this activity with new firebreaks constructed, and riding trails were cleared for use as additional breaks. Columbus Fire Emergency Services was called in to inspect the proposal and issued permits for the prescribed burning.

 Randall CreekIn January 2004, hazard reduction burns were conducted with personnel from the Georgia Forestry Commission assisting.

The Randall Creek Farms Firewise plan supports:

  • Additional fuels reduction projects
  • A Firewise Communities/USA Recognition Day whereby residents and surrounding neighborhoods will be encouraged to adopt Firewise standards
  • Introduction of Firewise to new residents
  • Continued awareness of Firewise standards