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Wilderness Ranch

Wilderness Ranch Wilderness Ranch is a development of approximately 225 homes that lies north of Boise, Idaho. Construction on the Ranch began about 20 years ago. Residents enjoy a community common area of approximately 400 acres and support their own volunteer fire department as well as a community-owned water system on a community well.

 Residents of Wilderness Ranch have prepared---and shared---a slideshow demonstrating the Firewise role in the Ranch's plan to reduce the risk of property loss in the event of a wildfire. They enlisted the Student Conservation Association's Fire Education Corps to perform wildland fire risk evaluations for 38 homeowners.

Wilderness Ranch also held a Fall Cleanup/Fuel Reduction Day. During this event, residents were given the opportunity to dump branches, pine needles and other wood-based fuels removed from their property at a single location. A chimney sweep was available to clean chimneys at reduced cost. A chemical retardant for chimney fires was also available free of charge.

 Wilderness RanchThe Wilderness Ranch plan includes:

  • Developing a tool for rating home ignitability for Wilderness Ranch and using it to evaluate each home on the Ranch
  • Providing incentives for homeowners to reduce their hazard ratings
  • Featuring a Firewise home in each issue of the Wilderness Watch
  • Posting seasonal Firewise tips
  • Scheduling a Cleanup/Fuel Reduction Day each spring
  • Recommending changes to the development's architectural requirements including elimination of flammable roofing materials and installation of metal flashing between wooden decks on all new and remodeled homes.