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Crescent Valley

Crescent ValleyCrescent Valley is located in north Eureka County, in a large valley northwest of the Cortez Mountains. Beowawe, a small community north of Crescent Valley, sits along the Union Pacific Railroad and the Humboldt River. The Crescent Valley/Beowawe terrain is mostly flat and vegetation is light, but the community still faces several issues that could increase their wildfire risk.

Crescent ValleySome structures in Crescent Valley/Beowawe, for example, are scattered throughout the wildland area. Overgrown grass, brush and other debris has collected near several old and unoccupied buildings throughout the community. A few of the homes have features such as unenclosed balconies, porches, or decks that could trap flying embers and ignite, spreading fire to the home.

 Recommendations by the hazard assessment team to address these and other wildfire risks included:

  • Construction and maintenance of planned fuel reduction treatments on approximately 670 acres in the wildland-urban interface;
  • Promotion and enforcement of a brush clearance program for cleaning weeds and debris from around structures and fences in the community;
  • Vegetation removal within ten feet of all fire hydrants to improve visibility and access.

Crescent ValleyA Firewise/Fire Safe Day event was held during the fifth annual Nevada Wildfire Awareness Week (NWAW) (May 1 - 8, 2010) in Crescent Valley. Newsletters were mailed to residents to announce the event and provide more information about fire safety tips, including firewise construction and landscaping checklists.

On the day of the event, volunteer fire departments partnered with state and local government agencies to educate the community about defensible space. Organizers also gave away fire-resistant plants, and raffled herbicides, sprayers, and rakes.