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Greater Eastern Jemez

The Greater Eastern Jemez Wildland/Urban Interface Corridor is comprised of six distinct communities within the Santa Fe National Forest and Sandoval County boundaries. They are Cochiti Mesa, Jemez Corridor, La Cueva, Seven Springs, Sierra Los Pinos, and Thompson Ridge Estates. The Corridor is represented by a Firewise Board that contains a representative from each of the member communities.

The Board operates under a mission statement.

Great Eastern JemezOur mission is to promote communication and education of Firewise principles and ideas, to motivate our local communities and property owners in implementing these Firewise principles as they pertain to our communities’ and individuals’ unique situations and needs, and to provide a framework for community activism and empowerment as we attempt to work together, to improve the survivability of our communities to the threat of wildfire, while leveraging funding for this endeavor from appropriate government and private organizations.

The Greater Eastern Jemez Wildland/Urban Interface Corridor plan identifies the following opportunities:

  • Creation of articles for the Jemez Thunder
  • Development and staffing of a booth at the annual Jemez Springs “Art in the Park” held during Memorial Day Weekend
  • Organization of a chipper day for each community
  • Utilization of resources including the Student Conservation Association Team