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DeercroftDeercroft is a rural community of 175 homes located near Wagram, North Carolina. It has 500 home sites, so houses many undeveloped building lots. A wildfire in the 1960's burned through the area. In the 1980's the development opened with an 18-hole golf course and a 110-acre lake. Other amenities include tennis courts, a swimming pool and a clubhouse.

Deercroft is located in Scotland County. The community was assessed for wildfire hazards in 1995. The results indicated that the community is very susceptible to fire. In January 2007, the Firewise Committee began work to make its residents aware of the wildfire danger and to take steps to improve their safety.

DeercroftIn conjunction with the North Carolina Forestry Division of Forest Resources, they applied for and received a Federal grant to implement their plan. The first phase of the overall objective is successfully completed. The Firewise Committee created an emergency exit, mailed letters to all property owners, placed ash trays on golf carts, created an evacuation plan, and held two community awareness days.

Residents of Deercroft are pleased to have achieved Firewise Communities/USA recognition and intend to maintain that status. Get more information about Deercroft.