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The Currituck Club

Currituck ClubThe Currituck Club is a planned unit development (PUD) community consisting of single family lots and residences, multi-family parcels, recreational and supportive facilities. It includes commercial parcels, as well as an 18-hole golf course. The Club is located on the Currituck County Outer Banks of North Carolina near the village of Corolla; it is situated on a tract of land approximately 660 acres that was originally part of the historic Currituck Shooting Club property.

All property owners/residents of The Currituck Club are members of The Currituck Club Property Owners Association (POA). That association is governed by a Board of Directors. The board is responsible for, among other things, the promotion of the health, safety, and welfare of the association members and residents of the properties. Those responsibilities include maintenance of streets, right of ways, access gates, and enforcement of architectural guidelines. Inherent in those responsibilities is the identification and mitigation of risks of property damage or destruction by wildfire, since the community is located directly within what is defined as a wildland/urban interface (WUI) environment. The Club is bordered on the north by Currituck County property, on the south by an Audubon refuge, on the west by State Highway 12, and on the east by the Currituck Sound.

Currituck ClubThe Currituck Club Architectural Control Committee enforces community construction and landscaping guidelines within Currituck County building ordinances. It generally requires fire-resistant construction and landscaping within the community. The community has good water resources, regularly spaced pressurized fire hydrants, lawn irrigation systems on residential lots, and a well-maintained golf course with ample water supply and retention ponds throughout the Community.

The closest fire department is Corolla Fire & Rescue (Currituck County Station 6) that maintains two stations, each within five miles of The Currituck Club. It was recently given a rating of six by the State Insurance Commissioner’s office.

Trees are primarily live oak and loblolly pine. Sand dune grass and marsh grass are abundant, resulting in a fuel load which is light, flashy and very flammable---yielding a fast spread rate and intense flame front potential.

Currituck ClubWhile wildfires on or near the Property have been minimal, e.g., on the Sound side along the golf course in 2001 and a small number of mulch fires, the community recognized the dangers associated with its location in a defined WUI and the risks of catastrophic damage or destruction of real and/or personal property by wildfire. After a Firewise presentation to the POA Board by North Carolina Division of Forest Resources and local fire department officials, a Community Task Force was appointed early in 2007.

The Currituck Club Firewise Task Force familiarized itself with the Firewise Communities/USA principles and conducted a community-wide Firewise assessment in June 2007. It then established Firewise assessment/mitigation and action plans, conducted a two-week Firewise Cleanup Campaign and made several presentations to the POA and members. The first annual Firewise Day was celebrated in October 2007. Each activity was supported by personnel, materials and equipment from the local fire department and North Carolina Division of Forest Resources. Per capita contributions to Firewise initiatives exceeded $4,000 in 2007. Action plan items include completing Firewise Assessments of all commercial and golf club properties and ensuring that community architectural guidelines are in accordance with Firewise principles. Other objectives include improving emergency vehicle egress on the north end of the property and providing individual property owners with personal Firewise assessments. Joint meetings with property owners adjacent to the Club properties will be conducted on the topic of Firewise initiatives and how our neighbors can assist our mitigation efforts.

Currituck ClubThe Task Force will continue its communications/educational activities within the association membership, improve infrastructure to provide for fast/efficient wildfire response within the community. (A wildfire evacuation plan has been developed.) The Task Force will implement prioritized action items aimed at minimizing the risks of injury or damage should a wildfire occur. Results of these actions will be reported regularly to the POA to ensure accountability and progress of The Currituck Club Firewise Task Force.

The Currituck Club is proud to be the eighth community within the state to achieve Firewise Communities/USA status (October 2007) and is equally proud that it is the first on the North Carolina Outer Banks, the first in Currituck County, and the first in northeastern North Carolina to do so. We are committed to continue the focus on reduction of potential for wildfire devastation within the community and are pleased to share the Firewise message with our neighboring communities on the Outer Banks, encouraging them to take preventive actions, as well.