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MaynardThe community of Maynard is located in Eastern Ohio, approximately 14 miles from the Ohio River, near Wheeling, West Virginia. Maynard is home to approximately 550 residents, most of whom live in rural settings. Topography is rolling, and land cover alternates between hardwood forests and grasslands - a result of past strip-mining, with some agricultural land mixed in. Access to some areas is difficult due to steep, winding, and/or under-maintained roadways. Considering spatial distribution of structures and the human-caused nature of most fires in Ohio, if a large-scale wildfire event were to occur in Maynard, many homes would be impacted.

MaynardMaynard has the benefit of being served by a very proactive and enthusiastic fire department. In August 2004, the Maynard Fire Department (FD)'s Chief requested that Ohio Division of Forestry personnel conduct a Firewise assessment in the community. Following the assessment, it was determined that Maynard would benefit tremendously from a community-wide wildfire awareness and safety campaign. Local firefighters visited 95 houses situated in the areas of highest concern within the Maynard FD's response area. Various home safety and wildfire brochures and handouts were given to homeowners, along with the invitation to contact the FD for further assistance. To increase awareness community-wide, fire prevention signage was posted in highly visible, strategic locations. FD members conducted several wildfire safety days at the local school. Maynard FD recently hosted a Firewise Day, inviting citizens to attend and learn about fire safety around their homes. The event was a success and ended with a cookout and an appearance by Smokey Bear. Maynard FD used grant funds to purchase a chainsaw, along with full PPE, for use in reducing fuels around public facilities and the homes of elderly and disabled citizens.

Additionally, the Chief of Maynard FD was the primary liaison between Belmont County EMA and the Ohio Division of Forestry. He, along with several Maynard FD officers, was key in implementing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) and countywide wildfire hazard annex into the emergency operations plan. Maynard FD also developed a local CWPP, addressing wildfire response and planning operations within their primary two-township response area.

maynardIn total to date, over $2,600.00 has been dedicated towards community Firewise efforts in Maynard. Fire safety and education projects are continuing, thanks to the tireless efforts of dedicated firefighters. Maynard firefighters and officers are very outspoken about the benefits of Firewise Ohio, and have been wonderful and invaluable advocates of Ohio's program