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Edmond, Oklahoma

In 2011, Edmond, OK received the award for “Most Outstanding Community in its Class,” an award they’ve won now five years in a row. In an effort to continue to build on its “most outstanding status” this year, firefighters will go one step further to work with community members through their Firewise outreach program and provide residents with safety information on wildfires.

Edmond is the sixth largest city in the state of Oklahoma. Located in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area in the central part of the state, it has a population of more than 81,000. Any of the residents here would be quick to tell you it is the best place to live, but it’s more than just words. In 2007 they were placed on the list of “Top 100 Places to Live” by Relocated America, and just this year CNBC named Edmond their number one choice on the “10 Perfect Suburbs” list.

Edmond, Oklahoma

But times in Edmond haven’t all been wonderful. Last August, Edmond suffered from the effects of a fierce wildfire. The wildfire scorched over 1,000 acres of land, destroying 10 Edmond residents’ homes, eight buildings, four trucks and two tractors. The effects of the vicious wildfire were devastating, causing $1.8 million in damages.

Even with several different fire departments, 37 of which helped aid in the efforts to put out the raging fire, the firefighters still had great difficulty. Edmond Fire Department Battalion Fire Chief Doug Hall said of the fire, “A lot of [

As a result, firefighters are now urging Edmond homeowners to take certain precautions in order to assure their safety from future wildfires.
According to Fire Maj. Kelly Lewis the dry conditions this winter have only fueled more grass fires paving the way for even more drastic events to occur. Another factor that puts Edmond at risk is the continuing windy and warm conditions that have plagued most of Oklahoma this winter.

During last summer’s fires, Edmond firefighters went door to door distributing Firewise information. This year, with the impending threat of wildfires, they continue to take precautionary measures to help keep the residents of Edmond informed and up to date with safety tips even before a fire occurs.

As part of their conversation, Lewis provides information on how homeowners can protect their homes, saying, “Removing dead and overhanging branches from around a home will reduce the possibility that flames and sparks could travel from a tree to the roof of a structure.” He also says, “Removing dead leaf accumulation and tall, dry grasses from areas around a home can reduce the amount of fuel… and reduce the size of the fire.”

According to Lewis, he and other members of the Edmond fire Department are utilizing the knowledge they learned from the Firewise program in order to help keep their “number one perfect suburb” that much safer from impending wildfire danger. They’re hopeful their efforts could help save the lives and homes of Edmond residents this winter.