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Cascade Meadow Ranch

Cascade Meadow RanchCascade Meadows Ranch (CMR) is a residential equestrian development located about two miles northwest of Sisters, Oregon. CMR consists of 24 lots ranging in size from 1.63 to 2.96 acres in size. The homeowners™ lots comprise about 60 acres of the total 300 acres in the development and are surrounded on all sides by USDA Forest Service lands. The approximately 300 acres of common space consist of 100 acres of irrigated pasture and landscaped grounds surrounding a barn, stables, and a clubhouse. Undeveloped lands are predominately covered by Ponderosa pines and a few Junipers and other conifers; this is very similar to adjacent Forest Service land. Currently, 21 of the 24 lots contain homes housing about 30 full-time residents.

CMR is committed to meeting the spirit of a Firewise Community to protect our neighborhood, residents and visitors. Our operations budget routinely includes time, equipment and materials for our ranch workers to trim lower dead branches from trees in undeveloped areas, rough mow areas of bitterbrush and other low growth, and generally dispose of forest floor fuels (needles, duff, and cones.) Trimming and disposal of dead forest debris by burning takes place only during Forest Service-allowed burn times of the year, but rough mowing and bailing of surface fuels occurs during warmer months, with needles bailed and recycled. Bails of needles are currently being given away and used by others for spill control and erosion abatement measures.

CMR meets with all homeowners annually in September to discuss fire safety and other general homeowner business. The CMR Board of Directors meets approximately every other month to discuss fire safety issues as a regular part of normal homeowner business. Fire safety has been adopted as a permanent agenda item at all homeowner meetings. CMR representatives met in June of 2008 with our local fire district as a stakeholder in the development of an emergency operation plan with fire safety and evacuation planning as the major focus.

Cascade Meadows RanchHomeowners are urged to replace aging wood shake roofs with non-combustible roofing systems, and most of the CMR wood shake roofs have been upgraded with Firewise alternatives. In addition, CMR urges homeowners to certify their lots to meet the standards of the Oregon Forestland-Urban Interface Fire Protection Act of 1997.

CMR understands the importance of helping and cooperating with our local, state and federal fire prevention agencies to provide the best possible protection of our neighborhood. Our residents gladly make the investment toward a continued Firewise future.