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Eagle Landing

Eagle LandingEagle Landing is a 1,610 acre development of 129 homes located in southwestern Cass County near Avinger, Texas. This very rural area of northeast Texas is heavily wooded, and relatively steep in some areas.

Eagle Landing was first approached by the Texas Forest Service (TFS) about Firewise Communities/USA following a wildfire within the subdivision in April 2004. At the request of the community’s homeowners association, TFS provided information to everyone at their annual meeting on May 1, 2004. The homeowners voted unanimously to engage in the Firewise Communities/USA recognition process.

Eagle LandingThe TFS and Avinger VFD conducted an assessment of the development. The primary concerns noted were:

  • Cul-de-sacs not designated
  • Inadequate water sources
  • Hydrants difficult to find - especially at night
  • Open burning conducted by absentee owners unfamiliar with fire weather conditions
  • Inadequate 911 addressing

Eagle LandingA plan for Eagle Landing was developed to address these concerns. Suggestions to the board included:

  • Posting “No Outlet” signs at all cul-de-sacs
  • Locating a second dry hydrant at the common area in the center of the development at the dam
  • Installing blue ‘cat eye’ reflectors at every hydrant
  • Installing Smokey Bear fire danger signs at both entrances into the development
  • Conducting individual home assessments to offer mitigation recommendations, including 911 addressing

The Eagle Landing Firewise Board embarked on these projects immediately. In addition, they planned their first Firewise Day for September 11, 2004. By the end of February 2005, the following projects were completed:

  1. A second dry hydrant was installed September 8 at Eagle Landing Dam. This task was a cooperative effort involving TFS, the National Resources Conservation Service, Resource Conservation and Development and Cass County
  2. Blue ‘cat eyes’ were ordered from Texas Department of Transportation to be installed adjacent to all fire hydrants
  3. Smokey Bear fire danger signs were ordered from the USDA-Forest Service National Symbols Cache on September 8
  4. Eagle Landing’s first “Firewise Day” was held September 11. Homeowners were made aware of the Board’s progress. Requests for individual home assessments were taken. Seven new members were recruited for the Avinger Volunteer Fire Department. The homeowners raised over $600 in contributions for the fire department
  5. Contact was made with Cass County Commissioner Kenneth Pate on November 18. He confirmed that 18 ‘no outlet’ signs were installed at the cul-de-sacs that needed them
  6. A Smokey Bear fire danger sign was posted at the main entrance to the development in January 2005
  7. Home assessment training for 14 residents of Eagle Landing and members of Avinger VFD was held on February 5, 2005

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