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Saddle Ridge

Saddle RidgeSaddle Ridge is a small community located just outside of the city limits of Wimberley, Texas. It consists of 211 home sites located in steep rolling terrain with heavy oak and cedar throughout the entire area. The community heard about the national Firewise Communities program when one of its residents attended a presentation at a local civic club meeting where a Texas Forest Service (TFS) Wildland/Urban Interface Specialist was talking about communities, and their risk, and what could be done to protect the local residents. The homeowners association met and discussed the situation in their community and decided to invite a TFS official to come and talk about Firewise and what they needed to do to make their homes and community safer from wildland fire. The residents took action, working on mitigation of fuels, creating fuel breaks, improving water sources, working with local fire department, and developing a community awareness of wildland fire and how it can affect their homes. They continue to publish fire awareness messages in their monthly newsletter to the residents, reminding each of them that they live in a fire-prone area and they must be careful when burning slash from either home construction or from mitigation projects.

Saddle RidgeSome of the fuel generated by mitigation projects in the Saddle Ridge area. Slash has been windrowed and is being burned when weather permits.