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The Horizon

The HorizonThe Horizon is a residential community located within an exotic game ranch operated by our homeowners association. Our community is a beautiful wildland comprised of steep wooded hills and canyons, grass-covered valleys and a lovely riparian area where Indian artifacts have been located on numerous occasions.

While less than 3 miles from the town of Kerrville, our community is very rural in nature, with covenants that are designed to preserve the native habitat for the benefit of our ranching operation.

The HorizonOur community is also home to Golden-cheeked Warblers in season and large resident populations of native Whitetail Deer and Turkey, as well as fox, itinerant mountain lions and coyotes.

There have been a substantial number of wildfires in Kerr County over the last 7 years. In 2000, the largest of those fires started within The Horizon and burned 1250 acres before it was extinguished. Last year, another wildfire burned over 12 acres in our community; this fire gave increased impetus to our desire to become a Firewise and fire safe community.

While we are fortunate that our community has a fire hydrant system and is served by the Kerrville Fire Department, we know that it is important for us to improve the fire safety of our homes through ongoing fuel mitigation and a program of creating defensible space around our homes.

The HorizonIn June 2007, our Association Board adopted a goal of becoming a recognized Firewise Community by the end of the year. We exceeded that expectation and will celebrate our recognition with a community-wide celebration on September 19. Since the Board adopted this goal, members of the Horizon have participated in a community workday to reduce fuel in our common areas and the Horizon's Firewise Team has begun an educational program for all community members. Individual home assessments will begin after our September celebration.