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Tierra Linda

Tierra LindaTierra Linda is a working ranch of about 3,000 acres that has been operated by a homeowners association since 1971. The ranch is located northwest of Kerrville, Texas, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Currently it contains 239 homes and has 417 full- time residents.

In 2000 a major wildland fire burned for seven days in an area just ten miles south of the ranch. This fire alerted the residents to the real danger in living in the wildland/urban interface with limited fire protection. The ranch has an ample supply of water, with two lakes and many dammed streams. The cattle and wildlife that roam throughout the property keep the grasses short and in a controllable condition.

Tierra LindaIn October of 2003 a Firewise education barbeque was held with guest speakers. Texas Forest Service representatives explained why access to the properties was necessary if fire engines were to reach the homes during a wildfire. Residents made Firewise improvements and home assessments were completed. The residents of Tierra Linda continue to improve the condition of the ignition zones around their homes and community buildings as a community effort.