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Trails of Lake LBJ

Trails of Lake LBJThe Firewise plan for the Trails of Lake LBJ was developed based on the assessments and recommendations of the Texas Forest Service (TFS) and local fire officials. Its focal point is the modification of each home ignition zone in the community, while leaving as much area as natural as possible. The Trails uses prescribed fire as a tool to manage the fuels in the area and create wildlife openings. Community residents support the use of fire and enjoy the 'burn days' in the spring. The road system is large, with pavement throughout. The streets are well marked and all the utilities are underground to prevent any possibility of fire being caused by lines sparking. The uniqueness of the community is the system of equestrian and walking trails thoughout the area. The trails are either large enough for a small Type VI engine or an ATV with a water pump unit on the back. During the prescribed fires, these trails serve as control lines for the burn blocks.

Trails of Lake LBJ25 local volunteers and residents as well as TFS and U.S. Fish and Wildlife staff took part in the burn as part of training for residents and firefighters.

In an after action review with most of the folks, residents took part in the review and had questions concerning the fuels, burning conditions and when would it be done again.