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Wildcatter Ranch

Wildcatter RanchWildcatter Ranch and Resort is a 1,500 acre guest ranch located in Young County, Texas about two hours northwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The ranch, to open in May of 2004 is still under construction. The restaurant should be open in fall of 2004 and the first cabins are due to open in early 2005. Most of the buildings will be built on hilltops with spectacular views of the Brazos River and the beautiful Texas countryside. Because of the natural flora of the area including juniper trees and the hot Texas summers, there is a great risk of wildfires.

Wildcatter RanchKen Haggart (General Partner in Charge of Investor Relations for Wildcatter Ranch) consulted with the Texas Forest Service urban-wildland interface specialist and Firewise Communities/USA state liaison in the early stages of ranch development to help mitigate the wildfire risk. According to Haggart: "We know that the wildfire risk is very real. To continue the development without taking that into consideration would have been fool-hardy. We have an investment to protect."

To be named the first nationally recognized Firewise Community/USA in the state of Texas, Wildcatter Ranch did the following:

  1. Removed a strip of juniper trees 100 feet below the hilltop
  2. Firewise construction with sprinkler systems
  3. 4" co-op water line with 70 lb. pressure
  4. 10,000 gallon storage tank with backup pump
  5. Dry hydrants
  6. Buildings to be spaced at least 100 ft. apart
  7. In dry weather grass will be grazed or mowed
  8. Development of an excellent all weather road system

Wildcatter RanchOther requirements include sponsoring a Firewise Task Force, observing an annual Firewise Day dedicated to a local Firewise project, investing $2 per capital annually in local Firewise projects, and submitting an annual report to Firewise Communities/USA. See more information and pictures of Wildcatter Ranch.