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Windsor Hills

Windsor HillsWindsor Hills is an active adult community consisting of 437 patio homes located in southeast Texas. It is surrounded by tall pines, hardwood trees, and yaupons, which are all native to the area. W. G. Jones State Forest, home to the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker, is located to the west. To the south and north are many acres of natural forest. There have been several years of drought, and the hot Texas summers can be very hard on the forest as it struggles for nutrients and water. The potential for fire is very high.

A group of concerned residents contacted the Texas Forest Service (TFS) offices in the W. G. Jones State Forest and found them pleased to assist the homeowners and to help them develop a wildfire mitigation plan. Justice Jones, Urban Wildland Interface Coordinator, provided the group with many educational tools to create awareness of how Firewise/USA could work.

Windsor HillsA Firewise committee was established. Community meetings were held, and informational brochures provided by the TFS were distributed. TFS staff conducted yard assessments designed to help homeowners learn more about Firewise landscaping practices. A firebreak was created between fence lines that border the community and the natural wooded areas beyond. Fuel, debris left by a multitude of storms, and vines were removed from many of the common areas and pathways. The vines are quite invasive and have been climbing the trees, providing the potential to act as wicks should there be a wildfire in the area. Homeowners are currently engaged in removing vines, underbrush and other fuels from a large area surrounding the clubhouse and pool.

Windsor HillsThe Windsor Hills community is grateful to the TFS and Firewise for their continued interest in the safety and wellbeing of our community and for their leadership in assisting Windsor Hills to become the first Firewise community in southeast Texas.

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