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Sundance, AZThe community of Sundance is located in the North Fork of the Provo Canyon just east of Provo, Utah. The forests surrounding it are primarily deciduous hardwoods and conifers. While Sundance contains more than 250 dwelling units, many of them are vacation homes. Fewer than 70 adults live there full-time.

 Wildfire awareness has been high in Sundance for several years, and in 1998 an all-day Fire Forum was held at the Sundance Resort to discuss the issue. Participants in the forum included national, state and local fire experts, homeowners, Sundance Resort management, and staff from the nearby Brigham Young University Family Camp.

Sundance, UTPursuant to the Forum, the North Fork Fire and Safety Advisory Council of twelve community members and local, state and federal fire and safety advisors was formed to implement fire mitigation activities. The Council currently advises the North Fork Special Service District which supports the volunteer fire department. Fuels modification and development of a written Evacuation Plan were the primary focus for 2002 activities. In addition, educational materials for homeowners have been developed. Education, infrastructure development and fundraising were the primary activities of the Council. While county regulations now require the use of fire-resistant roofing materials, many shake/shingle roofs from original construction during the 1970’s presented a problem. Through education by the Advisory Council, 15 shake/shingle roofs have been replaced.

Sundance, UTSundance currently sponsors Spring and Fall Chipper/Clean-Out Days and has worked with the State of Utah to clear fuels along primary evacuation roads. The Advisory Council has obtained funds to rent or purchase a Chipper. The Chipper will be used by community members for fuel reduction. The community has established an early warning phone tree as well as purchase and installation of emergency sirens. Educational efforts are ongoing and include seminars, homeowner meetings, direct mailings, Fire-Line Newsletter, fire-condition signs and other visual notification of high fire danger.

Sundance has enjoyed strong support from the Utah Division of Forestry and the USDA-Forest Service and county fire and sheriff. This summer, the third annual “mock” evacuation training was held with the Advisory Committee and emergency responders including Forest Service, county fire chief and fire warden, county sheriff’s dispatch, search and rescue, county emergency and the Red Cross.