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Poca Bella Farm

Poca Bella FarmPoca Bella Farm is a subdivision of Front Royal, VA, which is 60 miles west of Washington, DC. Front Royal probably is best known for Skyline Drive. It's called the "Canoe Capital" of Virginia, thanks to the beautiful, meandering Shenandoah River.

Poca Bella Farm has 55 five-acres lots, with 36 houses. The lots are a mix of wooded and clear; many of the lots have river frontage.

Fortunately, our risk for wildfire is moderate. There are areas that need work, though. Items on our community to-do list include:

  • Clearing brush and trees on the sides of the road to allow unencumbered access for fire trucks.
  • Exploring installing a dry hydrant in the river or the establishment of ponds with dry hydrants in some areas not adjacent to the river.
  • Repairing and preventing further erosion to a side road that leads to one of the common areas by the river; as well as preventing further erosion of the river banks.

Thanks to becoming a member of the Firewise program, our community is more aware of the risks of wildfire and the steps we can take to protect ourselves. We disseminate information to members at the annual membership meeting and via e-mail.