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Shenandoah Retreat

Shenandoah Retreat is a private community of over 550 acres which includes 267 homes, in Clarke County, Virginia. We are located along the western side of the Blue Ridge Mountain Range just east of the Shenandoah River. Clarke County is 75 miles west of Washington D.C. Our community is heavily wooded with deciduous and coniferous trees, along with our native mountain laurel and rhododendron shrubs. The Shenandoah Retreat is abundant with wildlife including, bear, deer, turkey, fox, raccoon, and numerous other small creatures like squirrels and chipmunks with a large variety of birds including the majestic bald eagle.

Shenandoah RetreatWe became a Firewise community in 2006 after we suffered a mountain fire. The fire claimed well over 100 acres, gratefully with no loss of life or homes. Our first Firewise meeting was held April 30th 2006. The Virginia Department of Forestry met with our community to discuss the importance of being a Firewise community and what type of grants were available to assist our community.

The first year, into the Firewise program, we received and distributed reflective house numbers to all home owners so the fire, E.M.S. and law enforcement agencies can quickly locate a residence.

Many residents also received home fuel reduction assessments. As a result of becoming a Firewise Community we were able to contract private companies for fuel reduction and road widening. One dead end street was improved by a cul-de-sac that will accommodate fire and rescue apparatus.

Shenandoah Retreat2009's project is an evacuation plan for the community. Our board of directors will be working with the Department of Forestry, local fire and E.M.S., law enforcement, county administrator and all other local interested parties to define at least three separate evacuation routes.