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Hartstene Pointe

Hartstene PointeHartstene Pointe, developed in the early 1970s, is approximately 230 acres in size and is situated about 18 miles northeast of the City of Shelton in Mason County, Washington. The Pointe is located on the northern-most tip of Harstine Island in southern Puget Sound.

The Pointe consists of 532 private residential properties, consisting of 442 residential lots and 90 "Island Houses" which are attached duplex condominiums. A unique feature of Hartstene Pointe is the circular shape of most of the residential lots. These lots are either 80 ft. or 90 ft. in diameter and all are completely surrounded by common area greenbelt. Approximately 115 of these lots are undeveloped. Community amenities include a private road system, a 6,000 sq. ft. clubhouse, an 80,000 gallon swimming pool with a 12-person hot tub spa, three tennis courts, about 5 miles of walking trails, a 100 slip marina, a boat launch, six picnic areas and approximately 3.5 miles of private beach.

Hartstene PointeHartstene Pointe is heavily wooded with Douglas fir, hemlock, Western red cedar, Pacific madrone, maple, alder and various other deciduous trees. The area is also home to a significant wildlife population of birds, deer, raccoons and several families of red fox. Bald eagles are seen along the water's edge. Along its perimeter, Hartstene Pointe boasts magnificent views of Puget Sound, Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Mountains. While our Pacific Northwest location provides a relatively wet climate from late fall through early spring, the climate during the remainder of the year has resulted in a Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Wildfire Hazard Severity rating of "High Hazard".

Our community desires to retain its forested and wildlife-rich environment, coupled with the relatively small lot size. This limits the scope of individual property owner's vegetation management ability and results in a unique challenge: to maintain the right balance of heavily-wooded common area while reducing the possibility of fire danger.

Hartstene PointeThe community is served by public water and sewage systems owned and operated by Mason County and by a public power system operated by the Mason County Public Utility District. Community fire protection is provided by Mason County Fire Protection District 5, a partner in Firewise efforts.

Forestry management activity at Hartstene Pointe was initiated in 1998 when a forestry consultant firm was engaged to evaluate and assess our forests with subsequent issuance of a Hartstene Pointe Forest Stewardship Plan. Subsequent activities have included various Firewise activities and recommendations. Working with the Washington State DNR, South Puget Sound Region, our community has actively pursued increased fire safety. Examples of efforts we have taken are:

  • Published fire safety practices for homeowners in the quarterly newsletter.
  • Sent representatives to Firewise Communities/USA workshops
  • Hosted community presentations by DNR wildland fuels reduction experts
  • Organized volunteer weekends to cleanup & chip forest debris and ladder fuels
  • Hosted a DNR Grant crew that further cleared debris and ladder fuels
  • Formed a Firewise Communities/USA Board & submitted an application to become nationally recognized

Planning is now in process to update activities for the current year. The DNR has been of particularly great help in encouraging and assisting our community. We intend to continue our wildfire safety improvement efforts for many years to come.