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River Bluff Ranch

River Bluff Ranch, WARiver Bluff Ranch, a new gated community located in north Spokane, Washington, was designed to be Firewise. The first phase comprises 30 lots, each two to seven acres in size, and over 100 acres of commonly owned open forested space. The project is part of almost 2,000 acres of privately owned land, most of which is forested and shares 2.5 miles of border with the heavily forested Riverside State Park system. Overlooking downtown Spokane, the development features an unusually scenic location, a fiber optic network to each home site, panoramic views and many wildlife corridors. Less than a year old, River Bluff Ranch had eight lots sold and two homes built as of September 2002.

The master plan for the property anticipates at least two separate developments - River Bluff Ranch and Country Hills - which will share miles of trails and have coordinated Firewise covenants and forest management responsibility. The developer projects at least 100 residences on one to ten-acre size parcels, hundreds of acres of private forest and pastureland and over 200 acres of commonly-owned open spaces.

River Bluff Ranch, WAThe issues of interfacing residential communities with mountainous forestlands were carefully addressed prior to the beginning of construction. Consultation with foresters and participation in the Forest Stewardship program of Washington State's Department of Natural Resources were undertaken. Extensive work was performed to remove storm-damaged trees, diseased trees and other hazardous fuels. Forest roads and firebreaks were evaluated and, where appropriate, enhanced or created. Firewise covenants were adopted with the assistance of the Firesafe Spokane association. Water storage and safety plans were reviewed with local fire districts.

 River Bluff Ranch’s design includes:

  • Two-lane paved roads, secondary evacuation roads and a network of forest roads
  • Underground utilities
  • In lieu of hydrants, a series of non-potable water storage tanks with dry hydrants
  • Firewise covenants requiring fire-resistant roofing, deep side yard setbacks, defensible space and vegetation maintenance
  • On-site caretaker, equipment and shop

Permanent homeowners' association with professional management will:

  • Enforce covenants
  • Educate residents
  • Maintain roads and water storage facilities
  • Manage an ongoing forest stewardship program
  • Implement the Firewise Communities recommended budget (currently $2/capita) to be used for future Firewise effort