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Shelter Bay

Shelter Bay, a homeowners association in northwest Washington's town of LaConner, celebrated its acceptance as Firewise Community/USA #134 on April 22, 2006. In attendance were:

  • County Commissioner Don Munks
  • Bill Wallace, Northwest Manager, Washington Department of Natural Resources
  • Carolyn Kelly, Manager, Skagit County Conservation District
  • Roy Horn, Executive Director, Fire District #13
  • Jim Grove, Fire Commissioner

Shelter BayJenny Hinderman of the Skagit Conservation District acted as mistress of ceremonies for the program. Mark Titus, Northwest Region, Washington Department of Natural Resources, presented the Firewise Communities/USA award to Skip Cooper, Chairman of the Firewise Board of Shelter Bay.

The goal of Firewise Communities/USA is to encourage and acknowledge action that minimizes home loss due to wildfires. It provides residents of the community with the knowledge and skills to prepare for a wildfire before it occurs, while also ensuring that they can maintain an acceptable level of fire readiness.

Shelter bayThe program draws on a community's spirit and its willingness to take responsibility for its wildfire risks and at the same time protecting wildlife. Shelter Bay's Firewise Committee is dedicated to clearing its greenbelts and starting educational workshops for members of the community.

The afternoon included a community barbecue/potluck hosted by the Social/Recreation Committee at Shelter Bay.