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Firewise Works of Art

Here are some works of art by kids from ages 6 to 18, expressing ideas about wildfire safety, our homes, and the environment. Ezra Z., Rachelle L., Korli E., Isabella C., and Natalie S. entered the Firewise art contest in 2014. Watch here for more artistic expressions about wildfire from young people!

Firewise Works of Art
  • Ezra Z.Some campers leaved an unattended fire that starting spreading. Brave beavers noticed that and swam there. By splashing with their strong tails they will save the forest.
  • Rachelle L.Wildfires like this can be prevented by taking away one of three factors: oxygen, fuel, or heat.
  • Korli E.When camping people will usually build campfires. The danger of this is that sometimes camp fires aren't completely put out. This can cause wildfires. There are three simple steps to prevent wildfires, drown it, stir it, and feel it.
  • Isabella C.
            Sparky pulling woodland creatures out of a woodland fire.
  • Natalie S.Use Fire Safety First, Don’t Burn the Earth! The left side of the poster depicts the Earth with trees, birds and animals. The right side shows the burnt forest.
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