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The Firewise How-To Newsletter

Firewise How To newsletter

Read archived issues of the How-To newsletter which offers articles and helpful hints on how to incorporate Firewise® principles in your community. 

ALSO SEE: Fire Break, the monthly newsletter of NFPA’s Wildland Fire Operations Division


  • Spring: 2014 Year in Review; 2014 Community Preparedness Activities; LeisureTowne Association: Hardworking Firewise Community Helps Create a Fire-Adapted Region


  • Winter: Message about residents working together from NFPA President Jim Pauley; how Colorado reached the 100 community milestone; how social dynamics encourage community action; How Michigan teaches residents about Firewise landscaping; how other states have embraced Firewise gardens; which new communities joined in 2014; and thoughts from 2 new NFPA Wildfire Operations Division members
  • Fall: Message to Firewise Participants From NFPA’s President; Washington State: Success Stories in the Pacific Northwest; A Tale of Two Properties; Q&A with Tova Thorpe
  • Summer: Firewise Challenge — Sharing the Message, Q&A with: Cathy Prudhomme, Frank Riley, and Nick Harrison, Around the Firewise Home: Vulnerability of Roof Gutters - Part 3, and Meet Firewise Liaisons Cindy Kolomechuk and Carrie Dennett
  • Spring: The Firewise Challenge, Q&A WITH: Lucian Deaton, Roof Realities and How To Reduce Your Vulnerability


  • Winter: Benefits of Firewise Itasca County, Minnesota; regional success stories; winter tree care; and the science of how homes ignite.
  • Fall: The Firewise Community - Continuity and Momentum in the Aftermath of Wildfire; Casper Mountain, Wyoming: A Firewise Community; Q&A with Mark Goeller
  • Summer: A summer of Firewise Challenge; Shagbark, Tennessee: A Firewise Community; Q&A with Patrick Mahoney 
  • Spring: The Firewise Community Challenge; Horseshoe Lake, Alaska: A Firewise Community; Q&A with Cathy Prudhomme


  • Winter: Q&A on ignition-resistant construction with scientist Steve Quarles; Firewise home demo in New York; the power of GIS mapping; South Carolina community employs Ready, Set, Go!
  • Fall: Colorado Springs and the Waldo Canyon Fire; Valuing your volunteers; Tennessee community celebrates  10 years of Firewise recognition; Upcoming workshops and conferences
  • Summer: Learn tips for safeguarding your home and to prepare for an evacuation; View the latest Firewise products; Celebrate the 10th anniversary of 20 official Firewise communities
  • Spring: Going for Greater: A Firewise Vision for the Future; A Firewise community: Ashland, Oregon; Questions and answers with Michele Steinberg


  • Winter: The Firewise Community - When fire strikes home; When Firewise practices serve to protect; Questions and answers with Alexander Maranghides
  • Fall: The Firewise community - Making the most of Backyards & Beyond; A Firewise community: Wilderness Ranch; Questions and answers with Pat Durland; Around the Firewise home: Autumn cleanup
  • Summer: The Firewise Community: The Road Ahead; Q&A on Firewise Communications with LisaMarie Sinatra and Tiana Allen; The Firewise Examples: Wedgefield, Florida and Sundance, Utah; Evacuation Preparedness in Fox Hills, New Mexico; Firewise Principles Save Colorado Home; Register for Backyards & Beyond Conference
  • Spring: The Firewise Community: Looking Back and Looking Forward; Q&A with Dave Nuss, NFPA Wildland Fire Operations Division Director; The Firewise Example: Greater Eastern Jemez WUI Corridor, New Mexico; Spring Maintenance Time: Regional Approaches; Call for Presentations for Backyards & Beyond


  • Winter: Celebrating 10 Years of Firewise – Pilot Communities Revisited; Q&A with Chief Darrell Willis of Prescott, Arizona; USAA Reaches Customers and Community through Firewise;  Ready, Set, Go! and Firewise: How They Work Together; NFPA Announces 2011 Home Ignition Zone Workshop Schedule
  • Fall: Capitalizing on Community Synergy - Diamondhead, Arkansas; Q&A with Dave Nuss on NFPA's Wildland Fire Operations Division and the Future of Firewise; Youth's Winning Poster Becomes Firewise Mural - Homer, Alaska; New Firewise Catalog offers free shipping
  • Summer: Engaging Absentee Owners & Part-Time Residents - Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania; Q&A with Larry Herzog on planning and zoning issues; Compliance Incentives for Landowners - Ruidoso, New Mexico; Advice on Successful Outreach
  • Spring: Harnessing Youthful Enthusiasm for Firewise; Q&A with Melissa Mason and Heidi Wagner on the benefits of youth involvement in Firewise; Planning Activities with Youth in Mind


  • Winter: Firewise Community example: River Place, Texas; Q&A on Protecting Your Pets; Firewise Learning Center and Educational Opportunities
  • Fall: Firewise Community example: Painted Rocks, MT; Firewise Chat with Jack Cohen and Sarah McCaffrey; Homes saved in North Port, FL
  • Summer: Firewise Community example: Taylor, FL; Maine's first Firewise Community; The One, Two, Three of Firewise landscaping
  • Spring: Cragsmoor, NY - A Community of Unique Ecology and Natural Values; Q&A with Michele Steinberg and Andrew Fortin on Firewise from the ground up; Reviewing HOA Covenants


  • Winter: Crystal Lake Club, WI - Insuring good Firewise practices; Q&A with Loretta Worters and Carole Walker on insurance and wildfire; Preparing for evacuation - some helpful tips
  • Fall: Talmadge, CA - Insuring good Firewise practices; Q&A with Steve Quarles on fire-resistant construction; Wildfire and venting systems; Autumn: a season for renewal
  • Summer: Deer Creek Valley Ranchos - setting an example for neighboring communities; Q&A with Michael Hutt; Meet the beetles - how to prevent infestations that threaten trees and forests
  • Spring: The Firewise Community - Wilderness Ranch, ID; Q&A with Mike Kuhns on Firewise landscaping; Firewise fun - activities to engage residents


  • Winter: Coming together for a common cause; The Firewise Community: Chocorua Ski & Beach; Q&A with Timothy Steele on effective partnerships
  • Fall: Weathering the seasons: what's climate got to do with it?; Colfax County Coalition of Firewise Communities; Evacuation – preparing and executing are vital to success
  • Summer: Firewise at Five - communities in it for the long haul; Q&A with Ann Cooke on nonprofit status for Firewise neighborhoods; Yard waste - what to do
  • Spring: Firewise in design - landscape principles; Cypress Knoll, FL - firescaping to protect a developing community; Q&A with Owen Dell on Firewise landscaping


  • Winter: Employing Firewise CC&Rs in your Firewise plans; Covenants, codes & restrictions; River Bluff Ranch, WA - Firewise from the ground up; Preventing winter damage to trees and shrubs
  • Fall: Making the most of green waste; Perry Park, CO - trees saving trees and preventing wildfire; Q&A with Michele Steinberg on grants; Pruning: an important Firewise practice
  • SummerGlorieta Estates, NM - sparking community involvement; Things you can do to protect your home ignition zone; Becoming a Firewise Community, Part 2
  • Spring: Fond du Lac Reservation demonstrates the benefits of being Firewise; Q&A with Judith Leraas Cook on the Firewise Communities/USA program; Becoming a Firewise Community, Part 1