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For the general public

Becoming A Firewise Community
This video provides the necessary information and steps on how residential developments can become a recognized Firewise® community. A review of selected communities that have received recognition helps explain the Firewise standards and the recognition process.

Making Your Home Firewise
This video presents ideas and techniques for homeowners when constructing or modifying home in the wildland/urban interface areas. Topics covered in the video are: Roof, Windows, Eaves, Decks, and Landscaping. The video also provides information that a prevention officer or anyone with cooperative duties can use in a presentation or as a basis of discussion for various local groups.

Home Improvement: A Firewise Approach
This home improvement and landscaping video documents one home's journey to becoming Firewise®. The video discusses and illustrates in detail each stage of the landscaping and construction renovations of the home to meet Firewise criteria including types of vegetation, placement and thinning as well as construction elements such as noncombustible roof, siding, windows, and fencing.


Wildfire: Prevent Home Ignition Part 1 & 2
Wildfire! Preventing Home Ignitions is based on the research of Jack Cohen, Physical Research Scientist, of the U.S. Forest Service. It explains the combustion process and wildfire behavior, what you can do to create survivable space, and why some homes are destroyed while others survive. It also discusses how to identify your home's Ignition Zone - the area that includes the home and its immediate surroundings, which, if properly conditioned, can save the home during a wildfire.


Preparing for a wildfire PSA - The difference from Firewise.org
Little things can make a big difference during a wildfire. Research shows that homes are often lost after the main body of a fire passes. Most of these ignitions are preventable, so advanced preparation is critical.